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The Functions of Childhood

Walter Benjamin finds a crucial moment of political awakening in a short story he wrote as a child. The piece (“perhaps the first I penned just for myself”) follows an immiserated pamphleteer through an ordinary workday. By the end, the … Continue reading

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This is What Happens When You Lose the Dialectic

Taking potshots at analytical Marxism probably isn’t the most productive use of my time, seeing as the approach hasn’t been especially popular in the past decade and change. But I’ve nonetheless found it difficult to escape its shadow, being a … Continue reading

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Statements on the University

I. Defenses of higher education in the liberal arts often appeal to Enlightenment ideals regarding individual development. What remains unsaid is that these ideals always presumed massive exclusion. Liberal arts education was reserved for children from established, propertied families. In … Continue reading

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Liberal Arts Education as Vocational Training

In retrospect, my expectations for Fareed Zakaria’s In Defense of a Liberal Education were pretty unrealistic. Considering his support for the WTO, the initial invasion of Iraq, and various other things I find rather objectionable, I probably should have expected … Continue reading

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On the Cascadian Megadeathquake

I’d like to talk a little bit about that recent New Yorker piece about how screwed Seattle and Portland are going to be when the next earthquake along the Cascadian subduction zone hits. According to the article, seismologists predict an … Continue reading

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This Political Correctness Is Makin’ Me Thirsty!

Jerry Seinfeld piped up a couple weeks ago with some complaints about “political correctness,” which were widely hailed as groundbreaking because apparently it’s still 1997. Seinfeld’s main target was college students. He noted that a lot of his comedian friends tell … Continue reading

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The Passion of Edward Schlosser: Why “Liberal Students” Aren’t the Problem

Don’t you hate how America’s universities have curdled into cesspools of liberal, “politically correct” groupthink? Edward Schlosser (a pseudonym) knows how you feel––and he’s a liberal! In his recent Vox article entitled “I’m a liberal professor, and my liberal students … Continue reading

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Revisiting Charlie Hebdo: “Afflicting the Afflicted” and “Petty Bourgeois Identity Politics”

The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks was a good time to watch the left devour itself. Some radicals, myself included, pointed out the magazine’s long history of Islamophobic and antisemitic caricatures, and suggested that, though the attack was tragic … Continue reading

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Toward a Foucauldian-Deleuzian Genealogical Metaphysic of Polysemous Signifiers in Juridico-Political Discursive Formations

When, in the pursuance of constitutionally mandated juridical “procedures,” one encounters a signifier with varied and numerous signifieds, how does one proceed? If this polysemous aberration presents itself, makes itself known, in the realm of substantiation, attestation, corroboration, and thus … Continue reading

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Israel’s Violence Isn’t Extraordinary, and That’s Terrifying

As anyone who has the misfortune of following me on Twitter knows, I’m pretty critical of the Israeli government. I’ve been particularly disturbed by the recent unfolding of Operation Protective Edge, an airstrike campaign in reaction to the abduction and … Continue reading

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